PrizmBot Privacy Policy
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What data does PrizmBot store?

PrizmBot does not collect any credentials besides User ID, Channel ID & Guild ID, etc

Why does PrizmBot require my data, and how does PrizmBot even use it?

The data is required for the proper functioning of the bot, without this data, most commands will not work properly. PrizmBot collects the required data and uses it in commands such as channel / server info, user info, etc

Where is this data stored, and is my data shared with someone else?

PrizmBot stores data in MongoDB. This data can only be accessed by the Bot Developer. Learn more about MongoDB here.

How long is my data stored in the database?

Your data will be stored till this bot leaves the server or till you leave the server.

Got any other questions?

If you have any other questions, you can contact the Bot Developer on Discord!
Last modified 3mo ago